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Catherine Fulvio's Design Tips
Cash & Carry Kitchens are delighted to have an ongoing collaboration with Superchef Catherine Fulvio. She is the weekly food writer for the RTE Guide and has her own TV series; Taste of Home. Our collaboration with Catherine now includes 3 stunning kitchens, the Shaker Dakar, Ontario Dakar Woodgrain and Reflections Ivory.
Some of Catherine’s top tips to remember when designing a kitchen include;
1. Quality First
Since you and your family will spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it needs to last. A strong, well-made cabinet will add years of life to your kitchen. Use high quality materials, ensure it is constructed well and the finishing is of high quality.  I have already learnt so much; cabinets made from 18mm thick board are essential and it goes without saying, soft closing drawers and doors are a must!
2. Smart storage will change your life
Whether you go for an open plan kitchen where you reach and grab or a fully integrated look, careful planning needs to go into kitchen storage. You can never have too much storage. Think about pull out corner units and drawers rather than cupboards, so that you can see what you have, rather than not being able to access items. Use pull out bins to separate your waste. Minimise clutter in the kitchen – it will take away from the overall design.
3. Island life
If you entertain a lot make sure you can talk to your guests while preparing the dinner party. An island brings people together. It’s a natural congregation point.  If you don’t have room for an island, a breakfast bar might work better.  The kitchen is such a social place, have fun with it.
4. Appliances are important
Choose appliances that you know will fit with your choice of kitchen and your lifestyle. An eye level oven is easier on your back, not mention easier to observe. A hot water tap is not only stylish, but can save both time and money.
5. Suit yourself
Friends and family will have their opinions, but only you know how your kitchen works best. A kitchen expert is someone that has been in the business for years and will combine their expertise with your needs. A kitchen is a big investment and it is important to buy it from the right person.
The Reflections Ivory Kitchen - Part of the Catherine Fulvio Collection
The Shaker Dakar Kitchen - Part of the Catherine Fulvio Collection
The Ontario Dakar Woodgrain kitchen - Part of the Catherine Fulvio Collection
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