My Kitchen Needs

To help us get a better idea of your Kitchen dreams and aspirations, we kindly ask you to complete our ‘My Kitchen Needs’ Questionnaire, so that our kitchen designers can help you achieve a perfect kitchen that will complement your home and your lifestyle.


Simply answer six short questions, add any information you feel relevant and enter your contact details. We will then get in contact with you.

Question 1 : What kitchen style do you have in mind?

Classic Style
Contemporary Style
Country Style
Other, please comment
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Question 2 : What type of kitchen door are you looking for?

White or Cream
Wood Grain
Hi Gloss
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Question 3 : What type of worktop do you have in mind?

Solid Wood
Other, Don t know
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Question 4 : What is most important for your new kitchen?

It looks smart
It is practical
It has lots of storage
Having the right appliances
Other, please comment
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Question 5 : How many people is it in your household?

5 and over
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Question 6 : How soon do you want your new kitchen?

In a month
In 2-3 months
In 3-6 months
In 6-12 months
In a year or more
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Question 7 : Any other comments, please fill them in here.

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