Neff Induction Hob T42D20X1

Neff Induction Hob T42D20X1

4 zone induction hob

60 cm or 80 cm wide

Electronic touch control

Child safety lock

How does induction work?

Induction hobs have a strong electro magnet (or induction coil) positioned just under the ceramic cooking zones. When you switch on the zone you want to use and place a ferrous metal bottomed pan on it, this completes an electric circuit and heat is transferred evenly to the pan and its contents.


The speed of induction cooking is one of its major benefits. Cooking zones heat quickly. Induction is also extremely controllable and energy efficient; as soon as a saucepan is removed it breaks the circuit, so the heat diffuses instantly. Even if the controls are turned on accidentally, the hob will only start heating up if a saucepan is placed on one of the zones.


Induction hobs are extremely energy efficient, a responsible choice, but also one that saves you money on electricity bills. Only the base of the pan heats up, so only the precise amount of energy you need is ever used - there's never any wasted heat disappearing around the sides of the pan.


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